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Genghis Tron

Genghis Tron

Genghis Tron tem o estilo Indefinido e suas músicas de sucesso são: "Rock Candy", "Asleep On The Forest Floor", "Ride The Steambolt".

64 acessos

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  1. Arms
  2. Asleep On The Forest Floor
  3. Board Up The House
  4. City On a Hill
  5. Colony Collapse
  6. Endless Teeth
  7. Greek Beds
  8. I Won't Come Back Alive
  9. Laser Bitch
  10. Relief
  11. Ride The Steambolt
  12. Rock Candy
  13. Sing Disorder
  14. The Feast
  15. The Folding Road
  16. Things Don't Look Good
  17. White Walls

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