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Genevieve Rainey

Two Pieces

Genevieve Rainey

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Sittin in the grass pullin out handfuls of green
His eyes were red and distant
And I knew everything

The words were long overdue, so hard to hear and say.
We broke apart what we had left
On the sunny summer day

Boy, I know it's hard to give your all, receive nothing in return
The one you thought held close your heart
Is the girl to watch it burn

But it's her who lost everything, and you who won this time.
Right now you need a hand to hold
It might as well be mine

Cause, if you take two broken pieces and some glue
Boy, if you kiss away my pain, I'll do the same for you
We'll lay our hearts on a rocky beach and offer up our hands
Our tears will rival ocean water but we will love again.

A life of love, a life of songs is all I have to give
The steps I take are forward, continuing to live
You're hands prepare the dishes on which one lucky heart will dine
Sustaining love and laughter will only come in time

But for now, my friend, let's lay here, commiserate the day
A lucky soul to swim with in the fish bowl of pain
There's sharks outside that glass, so let's stay in here in sleep
Until we're strong to carry on, our hearts we'll safely keep

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