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Genevieve Rainey

Road Maps

Genevieve Rainey

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Once again, here we are
Slow fingers tracing each others scars
It makes a map across our hands
Close your eyes, memorize directions
Connect the lines,
Our paths will meet in time,
And don't forget the road, we traveled on alone

You toss and you turn in your bed
Phantom piano notes in your head
Could you write them down?
Build a melody?
Writing down the words shared between you and me
Could you make it all make sense

By connecting the lines
Our song is written in time
And I won't forget the way
We traveled on to get to where we are today.
And all those years we were alone,
Only made us strong enough to know

That everything is as it should
So now here we are
And you running your hands along my scars
Connect the lines
Our paths will meet in time
And I won't forget the road I traveled on alone

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