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Genevieve Rainey

Cold Wet Feet

Genevieve Rainey

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Oh, wait up, where have you been?
I've been waiting on the couch since a quarter past ten
Oh, tell me where did you go?
I've been calling your phone, it's a half past four

So tonight, I'll go to bed alone
I'll stare at the ceiling, I'll check my cell phone
But there'll be no call from you or any other
Instead I get text messages from my mother

Oh, tell me when you ceased to believe
Did it seep like water into socks on your cold wet feet?
Oh, and tell me now can your eyes really see
just how you're losing me?

So this morning, I woke up alone
I stared at the ceiling, I checked my cell phone
But there was no call from you or any other
Instead I sent a text message to my mother

All my friends say "g, baby, don't you fear it
Honey, find yourself a rebound lover, drink your weight in spirits."
But whiskey and men won't make you're smile fade
It's not an even trade

So today, I went down to the beach alone
I threw my tears into the ocean, I couldn't check my cell phone
Down on Dallas, Baby, I'm out of range
To be without you feels so strange

Maybe I should just throw myself into my music
Spin this pain into gold, Honey, don't think I won't use it
And every love song I sang to you from my heart
now has a darker counterpart

So, now I'll go out on the road alone
I'll sing my songs into the darkness
I won't check my cell phone

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