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Doggone my soul, how I love them old songs, they were a comfort to me when I
was alone, the dancin' stops, but the music must go on, doggone my soul how
I love them old songs. Ah! when I hear that double eagle guitar it makes me
think how trouble free girls we are, there was a time I spent my nights in a
bar, playin' that old juke box until the honky tonky locked up, doggone my mind
just won't leave me alone keeps on reminding me I'm so far from home.
Those heart breakin' achin' eggs and bacon country songs, they take me back
to hard wood floors,outdoor johns, and mason jars it's all I can do to believe
that's it's gone, that hard knockin' rockin'n rollin' life that I've known but
dancin' stopped, and the music must go on, Doggone my soul

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