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RATS in city streets , death is going to your bed
You've never been alive, you aren't here, you live in the other world
Noise, noise in your head every day, every night
Create your world, create your life
What are you looking for? - I'm looking for myself
Who are you? where am I? what's the place?!
Like a grave - toxic air!
Scream, it's the only one way to avoid your own life
You wanna be free man - don't try to understand what is life
People say: You'll never be as good as he is, look at this woman in the uniform
Now you must be quiet to come back home
Be a good boy and die
You are in room of no light, so try to tell me why
What did I do, that I'm to live, please!
Tell me why
Rats go to your head - hey stop! I'm still alive!
You must go (fuck off)
To the front (fuck off)
You must go there to fight
It's my business, it's my purpose - I want you to die
Earth is grooved with the products of my mind
You move like a mobe
You are screaming: no, oh no, oh no
Yes! I'm a liar
I'm the source of fear
I'm the source of fear
You are mad, and I'm mad, but I think otherwise
You believe all what I say, you are a fool - I'm a liar
(one, two, three, four, five - how to stay alive
six, seven - go to hell not to heaven...)
You are in fire - day after day
Doomsday will come here
I'll take your life, is it nice of me?

You can say - never more
You will say - never more, never again!
You have created your life, you live in the other world
Now you are alive, but you aren't here - you sleeping dead
People are surprised - what's here going on
Is he the master - yes, you are!
It's difficult way - you'11 have to lie
It's difficult way - you'll be a liar
You are alone, one in this way, now you have an army of servants
I can't believe my own eyes - now you are the master
Following Master, following Master, following Master

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