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Geisha Goner

The Last Letter

Geisha Goner

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All day will be for me, only one, the last day of my life,
It will be the end of pain, you know - I need it
Don't you see? I need silent life, I'm world - weary,
Leave me alone
Leave me alone
I'm to die, let me die
Tell me why, tell me the truth, oh my lord never tell me
I'm coming back to you, so let me understand
Why man is out of the sky, the children are condemned
before birth?
Is it a normal way of life?
Is it a normal way of life?
Human dream - to get to the sky
I know only one way - dying
The sky will be the end of escape from the earth
I believed, I believed the world
I was a child, I was free of sin
Long life isn't for me, death will make me free
I'll be free, I'll be free of madness
please let me die, don't mourn for me
It's the last day, it's the last day of my life
I'm just dying

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