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Geisha Goner

The Fallen Race

Geisha Goner

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When you were born your life had been delimited
You follow the plan
Only fist law, only iron fist lets you to live till another day
You have to live in a society, such man - such his world (fallen)
Forced to live upon this Earth - you are fallen
We are the goners
You are coming back, you are coming back
To the past of mankind without civilization
You'd like to return, you'd like to return...

... but your place is here!
The time has come - the night of your life, you'll be sold
The gun in your hand, but you don't understand - what for? - you ask - what for?
You go for death , you carry it, gods of the nation say
fight for There's no compromise, you know it well

You have to kill him or he will kill you
The following day, the following day - time to launch an attack
Now is the day, now is the day - day of crime and death
At tomorrow morning you will know - pain, pain

You'll see blood in your eyes
What is our life for? we are to live in pain, pain
Don't use your brain, go your way

Crying children, crying mothers - they follow the plan
There is no way, we don't know any way
How can we live till another day
We are a part of society, such man - such his death (fallen)
Our life is animal like - we are fallen

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