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Geisha Goner

SelfCentered Ultradeath (S.C.U.D.)

Geisha Goner

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What is fear? I don't know - you are to die
I'm a killer, I'm a hunter, you are a victim
You know and you can see
Fear is your destiny, don't try to defend yourself
Understand - I'll give you only death
I won't give you pain, I'm an eliminator
Death will be so fast, so give me your life
Please don't cry, please don't scream
Please don't say - I wanna live
I'm an executhor and you are convict
Hey man understand, I'm a machine
Life has always been dirt - cheap
They are selling me
War is a market place
It's business there's no hate
S.C.U.D., S.C.U.D., forever
What is fear, I don't know - you are to die!
You don't understand, you have no life
It belongs to them...
You've got an order, there's no return
You know it's the end of your life , you are alone
Your the last thing is dying
Do you see there's no way, listen to me
You'll be insane when you come back to home
I'd rather you were happy man
So let me kill
(I will kill you)

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