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Gary Delz Power Trio

Texas Blues Boogie

Gary Delz Power Trio

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Big Guitars slingin' in The Lone Star State
some are still slingin',
some are slingin' of late
they played the roadhouses,
they played the dancehalls
they played with a fury y'all
havin' a ball

They doin' the Texas Blues Boogie
They doin' that Texas Blues Boogie
They doin' the Texas Blues Boogie
Boogie all night long

T-Bone and the Vaughan boys
do the Oak Cliff thang
while Bugs and Freddie
Rock the palace of the King
Mike Morgan, Ronnie Earl, and Delbert MC
bringin' that boogie down the road to you and me

Chorus repeats

Joe Guitar Hughes, and Pete Guitar Mayes
Johnny Winter n Albert Collins and ol Alan Haynes
they cuttin' down on that Gulf Coast stuff
gettin' down on them strangs
from blues bars to blues hall
they made the walls ring

Chorus repeats

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