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Let the Cutting Begin


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If I could put you back together, I would
If I could make things the way they were before, I would
But now you’re gone and my life has ended
So for you, I'm forever your macabre muse

What I’ll do now we can't be together
I will hunt him down, and when I do
I’ll make him feel so much pain
He'll forget his name

All about releasing what now burns inside
The devil’s been awoken
Now this will be your end
But it will be slow, so very slow

Subjected to horrific mental torture
Getting inside your mind to see what I can find
Play with your emotions until you reach psychosis
Then you'll enter my lair
This is when my sickness will take over
Drugs in your wine and poison in your food
Only enough to keep you lucid
Then let the cutting begin

I will have my revenge
When the pain becomes too much
You scream till you can't any more
Now I deliver your end

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