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Gandavo tem o estilo Indefinido e suas músicas de sucesso são: "Breaking The Silence", "Requiem to the Old wiseman", "Reason of war".

152 acessos

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  1. A New Journey Rises
  2. A Triste Sina
  3. Age of Mind Free
  4. Always Walking Alone
  5. Beyond The Firmament
  6. Breaking The Silence
  7. Carol o The Brave
  8. Caught In Invisible Bell Jars
  9. Deliverance isn't freedom
  10. Divine Eclipse Wedding
  11. Fuck Up Yourself
  12. Graceland
  13. Home (Where I Belong)
  14. Human Avarice
  15. In Quest For Unite
  16. Keepers Of Fantasy
  17. King Of Desire
  18. King or pawn
  19. Reason of war
  20. Requiem to the Old wiseman
  21. Roll The Dice
  22. There's no end if you still believe in
  23. Time to break the circles
  24. Twilight Of Night
  25. We Wanna Play At Wacken Open Air
  26. Wisdom Or Gold

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