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Gabi Almeida

Sunburnt Kiss

Gabi Almeida

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Sunbathed dreams a distant love
Sunburnt kisses of a breeze
Rain fall wind i hope you may
Feel just the same way

Soil walked on sweet heart hands
Blizzard sunday warm fire flames
Cold december snow mountain lights
Lovers touch melting ice

Wonderland awake for days
Breathe your skin close my eyes and see
Sand dunes blue see and sky
I almost feel
Your wet skin on mine

Jump and sink all the way with me
Spill the water, dry all stones
Love me more than anyone
Don't break the spell
Come this way all alone

Sunlight afternoon of shades
Falling red and
A yellow sky
Cold night, moonlight grey
But i am still here i hear you say

Voices talking over me
I feel your whisper
Floating near
No one could ever understand
Your sunburnt kiss
Lives in my head

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