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G. Love

Fishing Song

G. Love

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I'm going fishing 'bout a quarter to nine
I see my lil lady and she looks so fine
Aw my lines so tight
I figure tonight I'm gonna get a lucky bite singing

*All the fishes love me
They all wanna jump on the end of my line
I love all the fishes
But I can't get you off my mind
Singing hey

I'm going fishin about a quarter of eight
Now come on pretty momma don't you make me wait
Something's tugging on the end of my worm
I been fried and I've been burned singin

I'm going fishing 'bout a quarter to six
I'm a find a lil lady put her up in the mix
The finest fish that I ever seen
Is the fish in the back of my limousine
She looks so fine all the time
The kind of fish I'm gonna keep on the line singin

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