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Freygolo tem o estilo Indefinido e suas músicas de sucesso são: "Wasting My Time Again", "When I Grow Up", "Nothing But My Tv".

81 acessos

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  1. A New Start
  2. Against
  3. All Is Said And Done
  4. Another Song, Another Record
  5. Bored To Hate
  6. Earwax
  7. Frustrated Market
  8. Good For Nothing
  9. Growing Up, Falling Down
  10. Inside Conflict's Toy
  11. Jinx
  12. Just a Goodbye
  13. Like Father Like Son
  14. Loaded Dice
  15. My Daily Grind
  16. Nothing But My Tv
  17. Quit Bugging Me
  18. Right Or Wrong
  19. She Tries To Be Someone
  20. Sick And Down
  21. Silence Is Louder Than Their Calls
  22. Sluggish
  23. Stupid To Work
  24. The Gain And The Profit
  25. The Same Song
  26. Try To Talk But Locked Mouth
  27. Untouchable Mind
  28. Utopian French Riot
  29. Wasting My Time Again
  30. When I Grow Up

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