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Freddie Hart

Freddie Hart

Freddie Hart tem o estilo Indefinido e suas músicas de sucesso são: "How Long Has It Been", "Look-A-Here", "Till The Want-to's Out Of Me".

861 acessos

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  1. After Loving You
  2. All Of Me
  3. Already It's Heaven
  4. As Long As I Live
  5. Beautiful Temptation
  6. Big Bad Wolf
  7. Bless Your Heart
  8. Blue
  9. Born A Fool
  10. Brand New Bed Of Roses
  11. Brand New Way To Love You
  12. Brother Bluebird
  13. California Grapevine
  14. Can I Still Come Home
  15. Chain Gang
  16. Cinderella
  17. Cold Hard Facts Of Life
  18. Coldest Bed
  19. Come And Get Her
  20. Conscience Makes Cowards (of Us All)
  21. Cravin'
  22. Drink Up And Go Home
  23. Easy Lovin'
  24. Everytime He Touches You
  25. Excuse Me For Living
  26. Farther Than My Eyes Can See
  27. Fraulein
  28. Funny Familiar Forgotten Feelings
  29. Got The All Overs For You
  30. Got The All Overs For You (all Over Me)
  31. Greatest Gift Of All
  32. Hands Of A Man
  33. Hang In There Girl
  34. Hank Williams' Guitar
  35. He's Got To Catch Me First
  36. Heart
  37. Heaven Only Knows
  38. Heavenly Hurt
  39. Here I Am
  40. House Of Sand
  41. How Long Has It Been
  42. Human Rat Race
  43. Hungry Row
  44. Hurt Feels So Good
  45. Hurt Is On
  46. I Can't Begin To Tell You
  47. I Can't Keep My Hands Off Of You
  48. I Don't Believe In Ghosts
  49. I Forgot To Remember To Forget
  50. I Just Cry To Clear My Eyes
  51. I Sing For Joy
  52. I'd Like To Sleep Till I Get Over You
  53. I'll Hold You In My Heart
  54. I'm A Big Hurt Now
  55. I'm Afraid To Love You
  56. I'm In Love
  57. I'm No Angel
  58. I'm Not Going Hungry
  59. If Fingerprints Showed Up On Skin
  60. If Loving You Starts Hurting Me
  61. In The Arms Of Love
  62. It's Only Paper
  63. It's So Good With You
  64. Jesus Is My Kind Of People
  65. Julie I'm Leaving
  66. Just Between You And Me
  67. Just Outside The Church
  68. Key's In The Mailbox
  69. Lady Of My Life
  70. Let Me Be There
  71. Let's Clean Up The Country
  72. Let's Pretend We're Kids Again
  73. Let's Put Our World Back Together
  74. Little Bit Of Heaven
  75. Livin' On Lovin'
  76. Living On Leftovers Of You
  77. Look-A-Here
  78. Loose Talk
  79. Lord Don't She Look Good
  80. Love At First Sight
  81. Love Can Make Or Break a Heart
  82. Love Did This To Me
  83. Love Makes The Difference
  84. Love Takes Care Of Me
  85. Love Took Command
  86. Loving Her Through You
  87. Loving You Again
  88. Lying Again
  89. Mama Tried
  90. Misty Blue
  91. Moon Girl
  92. Most Beautiful Girl
  93. Mother Nature Made a Believer Out Of Me
  94. My Anna Maria
  95. My Hang-Up Is You
  96. My Tears Are Overdue
  97. My Woman's Man
  98. No One's Gonna Hurt You Anymore
  99. Nothing's Better Than That
  100. One More Mountain To Climb
  101. Only You (and You Alone)
  102. Paper Sack Full Of Memories
  103. Part Of Me
  104. Piece Of Heaven
  105. Portrait Of A Lonely Man
  106. Prescription For Happiness
  107. Pretend
  108. Release Me (and Let Me Love Again)
  109. She Belongs To Me
  110. Skid Row Street
  111. Slowly
  112. Sugar Woman
  113. Super Kind Of Woman
  114. Thanks But No Thanks
  115. That Hurtin' Feeling
  116. That Look In Her Eyes
  117. That's Not Like Me
  118. The First Time
  119. There Goes My Everything
  120. This Is No Time To Go
  121. Till I Get My Head On Straight
  122. Till The Want-to's Out Of Me
  123. Today I Started Loving You Again
  124. Togetherness
  125. Too Many Teardrops
  126. Too Much Of You (left In Me)
  127. Trip To Heaven
  128. Twin Of An Angel
  129. Two Of A Kind
  130. Ugly Ducking
  131. Unbelievable Love
  132. Until Now
  133. Wall
  134. We'll Haunt You Just Like Ghosts
  135. What A Laugh
  136. What A Way To Go
  137. What Locks The Door
  138. What Took You So Long
  139. What's Wrong With Your Head Fred
  140. Whatever Turns You On
  141. When Passion Commands
  142. When You Wake Up (and Start Loving Me)
  143. Whole World Holding Hands
  144. Why Lovers Turn To Strangers
  145. Why Should I Cry Over You
  146. Without You
  147. Wondering
  148. Write It All In (put It All In)
  149. You Belong To Me
  150. You Plus Him Minus Me
  151. You're Killing Me With Kindness
  152. You've Got It Coming To You

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