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Folkodia tem o estilo Folk e suas músicas de sucesso são: "Born Of Thunder", "The Swords Of King Harald III", "Bound For Valhalla".

207 acessos

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  1. Ancient Forest of Elves
  2. Apophis
  3. Born Of Thunder
  4. Bound For Valhalla
  5. Deafen Clamor
  6. Defenders On The Wall
  7. Dragonslayer
  8. El Cid The Champion
  9. Encountering The Underworld
  10. Hannebu Rising
  11. High Up In The Sky
  12. In The Realm Of Manannan
  13. Into Battle
  14. Into Battle (tradução)
  15. One Stood At The Gates
  16. Soldier Of Rome
  17. Sons Of Europe
  18. Sword In Hand
  19. The Arrival
  20. The Emperor's Words
  21. The Fall Of The Magog
  22. The Malevolent
  23. The Passing Of a Caesar
  24. The Passing Of The Elder
  25. The Swords Of King Harald III
  26. The Tenth Legion
  27. Thus a Viking Dies
  28. Under The Wings Of Aquila
  29. Werewolves In The Wood

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