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Flatcat tem o estilo Indefinido e suas músicas de sucesso são: "Trying Harder", "Evironmental pressure", "Hard to play".

131 acessos

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  1. Beautiful in Venice
  2. Better Luck Next Time
  3. Butterface
  4. Dodging the bullet
  5. Down on me
  6. Evironmental pressure
  7. Hard to play
  8. Heartless Machine
  9. Live Free Or Die
  10. Loose Tongue
  11. New Song Dedicate To You
  12. On The Rise
  13. Popular Guy
  14. Rockstar Fantasy
  15. Silly Girl
  16. Smashes Like Kournikova
  17. So This Is When I Grow Up
  18. The Maladjusted
  19. Trying Harder
  20. Wait And See
  21. Waste Of Time
  22. What to Say

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