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Glorificus Inferi


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As an unclean entity in the realm of god I breath out my rotten wind
I block out the sunlight and bathe in the moonlight
Join me in a dance to mock the tragedy of regicide
Usurp and destroy the riches stolen from our blood

The time has come to spread the black wings
To open up the grinning moth
To lap the blood as it starts flowing
To cast life to these dead veins

Being righteous never tasted so sweet
Tearing up the ground that aided the weak
Under every rock is another lie
Why can't we decide who deserves to die?

Face caked with drid blood. Mouthful of dirt
I see your god's death before my hateful eyes
I dare to spit back at heaven and curse the birth of christ
I fight back in the name of my independent thoughts

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