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Find Him and Kill Him

Picard Would Be Pissed

Find Him and Kill Him

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we buy it, we buy it
hook line and sinker, we fucking buy it
because what's not to like about sixty second spots
leading from pink floyd straight into talk of heaven and revenge
and we'll buy it again
because that cheap plastic flag and that shitty metal trinket
shows how much you care
you call me a fucking traitor
i dont give a fuck
because it doesnt matter
with us or against us
fuck you too
mother fucker
fuck you too!!
the post 9-11 paranoia created by the bush adminstration pins everybody who doesn't fly a 10 foot flag in their yard a traitor.
in this atmosphere of patriotic fervor, the profiteers come out of the woodwork. maybe it's a medalion made from authenic wtc scrap metal, or its a flag that you can put in your car.
whatever it is, this shit isnt free, and somebody is making a pretty penny. but yet, those opposed to the new policy of pre-emptive military action are called traitors. they drew the lines, so here's my position, fuck you.

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