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Unholy Copulation


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Unholy Copulation

Death's seducing us
Guiding our senses to the dark side
Whispering to everyone
... come and join me ...
... my glacial tongue's gonna satisfy you...
My mistery can be your delight
Just give me a chance
Just give me a chance

And I'll take you to a quiet cave,
A place of darkness - no pain
A place of darkness - no pain
Or eternal suffering...

You can sure choose to fear
Or devote my sarcasm

Take a look to know my horde - this morbid orgy!
I wanna show you more...

Chastise your lewdness to praise my pleasure
Fasten your sepulchral desires in my hellish strength
Lead to a fury of ecstasy
let you rapt, rapt, rapt
Let you rapt, rapt, rapt

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