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Human Slavery


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Human Slavery

Slaves of the will or won't
That's what we're all gonna be
In our faith we'll never be free
This state of mind is killing me now
Help me, yes! Oh gorgeous sweet death!
Erase all hypocrisy ... hipocrisy!

Put me in another dimension
Of dark, my only intention

It's all an invention
A way of maintenance
Of this reality that is a joke

We're almost dead
We're almost dead

Without knowing who we are
Who are we?
There's the one that's far
But near to our subconscious mind
All illusion - are you still lucid?
Confusion - be quiet!!!
Don't think again
Don't think again
But then you've thought twice
But then you've thought twice
Thruth is a relative purpose,
As cold as a corpse
That's what life may be if you choose not to be blind
Chose your freedom, free your mind...
and your senses
to a incredible sensation of...

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