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Felix Marc

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Her beauty confuses me
I couldn't follow all
Her moods sometimes
She is my secret guest

I used to have daydrems about her
But i can't ever get to know her
(in the ordinary way)
Miney let's you do whatever you want

Self rejector
Anti-life, anti-art, anti-everything
The lonely wolf
Why do you take all life out of life?

Time in prison is endless time

There was a silence i spoke
As plain as words
Away from night
From what i want to be
Awoke and found myself
Alone in this crypt
Your love is desperately

Have you ever had before a living beauty
You've ended - you don't even share it
All alone you are and all alone you die
I won't give in - your love is just a lie

You've pinned me in this little room
I shan't struggle - is it day or night
Trapped in this crypt
Alive in the way that death is alive

Having her was enough - nothing needed doing
I'm waiting for you to do something
All these people searching
And we knowing the answer
Why do you kill all the beauty?
And i knew more and more
I couldn't let her go
And noblesse oblige all over again

Choose the common life
Coose to be alive

You're so without mercy

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