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Feeling Left Out

Feeling Left Out

Feeling Left Out tem o estilo Emocore e suas músicas de sucesso são: "Amanda's Poem About Unicorns", "Keep Me Company (tradução)", "Even The Flux Capacitor Can't Save Us Now".

203 acessos

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  1. Amanda's Poem About Unicorns
  2. At Arms Length
  3. Best Of Both Worlds
  4. Breathe
  5. Crowbar
  6. Enough About Me
  7. Even The Flux Capacitor Can't Save Us Now
  8. Everything About Christmas Is Wrong
  9. Facing The Wall
  10. Furniture
  11. Going Away To College
  12. Goodbye My Friend
  13. Goodnight
  14. Gravy Fries And Dirty Lollipops
  15. I Wish You Well
  16. If Only To Hear You Say
  17. If You'd Let Me
  18. Keep Me Company
  19. Keep Me Company (tradução)
  20. Last But Not Least
  21. Last Christmas
  22. Most Accidents
  23. Most Accidents Occur 10 Miles From Your House
  24. My First Heart Attack
  25. My Heart Is In Your Hands
  26. Once Upon A Time
  27. Razor
  28. Replaceable Parts
  29. Rocky Dennis
  30. Spilled Milk
  31. Stay Happy
  32. Steady Hands
  33. Telephone Wires
  34. Tell Me Where It Hurts
  35. The Best Of Both Worlds
  36. The Last Three Years
  37. The New Song
  38. Unspoken Word
  39. We Three Kings
  40. Without Regret
  41. Would You Like Something To Drink
  42. You Can't Be Wise And In Love At The Same Time

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