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Fear Zero

Whole Damn Nation

Fear Zero

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Your not a creep
Your not a lowlife
Everybody has seen some dirty websites

Once in a while when your on your break
You take a little time online from the nine to five grind

But your reason's changed
Your ex is engaged
To your ex-bestfriend
And you wanna get back at both of them
So here's what you do

Find the pictures of your ex buck naked
Then you send 'em to the whole damn nation
Teach her a lesson or two

Then you put 'em on your brand new website
Might as well because her new boyfriend might
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Wanna see what she can do

You know we're in the age of information
Cyber love is the new fascination

Fifty percent take a pretty peek
To sneak a little one on none every day of the week

But you've got no time
For lovin' online
It's all about revenge
Cause you wanna get back get back
Get back at both of them
Well here's what you do

I know it's mean but you've got reasons now
Don't feel bad

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