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Think For Yourself

Fear Nuttin Band

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Think for yourself yes don't let no one else, corrupt your mind inna dis peerless time
Think for yourself yes don't let no one else, lead you down a the corruption line
Think for yourself don't let no one else, hold you down and put your mind in a bind
Think for yourself don't let now one else, wipe you out inna dis a needy time

When I wake up yes I like pon my TV,
I see the propaganda trying to persuade you and me.
To not worry about Humanity Wipe out
Proclaiming for the greater good oh what's it all about?
Is it about peace for all nations?
Or is it about the New World Order Proclamation?
Is it about we don't want no oil drought?
Or is it about dem nah love the freedom rout?
I beg of you to seek out the truth for yourself
Don't tell me you've gone and but you brain upon the shelf
And please don't let no Bill O'reily

Well I don't think that there is nothing wrong
To listen to people speak dem peace and here dem sing dem song
But to follow them blind down a path you do not know
It's just foolishness & senselessness your mind it does not grow
Still I beg of you to seek out the truth a for one's self
Learn what you can for knowledge brings you wealth
Revelations you will find thru your persistence & your grind
And you'll know it when you finally truely have piece of mind
An opinion a thought a thought that's all yours
Because you've done your work and you've busted down your doors
So know you know what it is ahh to think ah for one's self
So sing with me and we'll all share all our wealth

Now let me tell the people of the world heah yo
Have you heard about Mary she'd my pretty girl
Now I see folks who think they know what they talk about
How she's makes you do crime and carry bout like a lout
But dem never know cause them never see
All the beautiful revelations she has given unto me
Like how to better myself thru the mediation route
And to help me see what's right and wrong and not have a doubt
And like everything else man I know she is not perfect
But the side effects of weed man well I feel it is a worth it
So once again if you search and you will find
The truth about my tree and then you'll make up your mind

Mind less yelling about the thinking for yourself

Boom we're out
(Stevie Rootz verse)
Now you're counting sheep
Like u want to stay a sleep
Babylon dem makes u weak
With all the food whe u de eat
And thoughts u engaged pon the front page
Free thoughts drown Tidal waves
Tsunami forward where u a gonna be?

Well then there aint nothing wrong to share some views
And Talk some truths, and grow some roots,
And heated disputes of revolution
Not to follow blind
Liberated thoughts reveal the
The Justice JAH shall execute.

Turn up the wattage at my cottage
Grow the knowledge Rasta college
Education is the key, the lock is false reality
All the damage an the garbage
That them charge with they can't manage
All the same in any language
Some a di meat in a pressure sandwhich
Bullet is them answer to dem scratch and every itch
Millions in my bank account can never make me rich
Wealth and true prosperity it come from solidarity
This is our destiny, when mind's are truly free

Balance you weight, your gravity
Balance with word sound power naturally
Balance u work and leisure
Balance u meditation spiritually
Attitude bring altitude,
And altitude bring latitude
And latitude bring gratitude. You know its real
Balance your love and family
Balance your health and wealth so naturally
Balance the bass and treble
There's duality in all u see
Even the things u read, Even the things u watching on TV
Not only in a zoo whe monkey do just what dem see

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