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Fear Nuttin Band

Herbalize The Nation

Fear Nuttin Band

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Herbalize the nation, give them a brand new meditation
And make dem know a ganja deh pon my mind
Inna my plantation, mi give the plants dem nuff irrigation
And then mi just sit back and just unwind

A di remedy, chuh make mi tell you rude bwoy
A di remedy, bun out mi herb
Yo dat a remedy, good herb is what I deserve, a di remedy, a di remedy
A di remedy, wha mi give mi earth angel
A di remedy, make di Babylon dem a rebel
A di remedy, send the heathen gone a hell, a di remedy, a di remedy

Mi take the remedy wha grow down a yard
Mi put it pon a plane and fly it come abroad
Help me out when times a get hard
It’s a natural gift wha mi get from the lord
Mi smoke mi ganja and mi puff it in the air
Mi tell the Babylon bwoy say I don’t care
Say dem a try fight me down but mi nuh scare
All dem a talk, mi say it grow everywhere

My ganja tree dat a ten feet tall, bun it inna di room and then mi bun it inna di hall
Give me uprising and not a downfall, if a ganja you say, a my name you call
Any herb whe mi bun it haffi strong, dem kind of something deh make mi prolong
Prowla him settin up a good ganja plan fi herbalize the nation

Eh yo illegal inspiration got negative connotation placed upon the nation in regards to this herbalization
But the stance that I’m taking is firm, sittin back lettin it burn
Blazed out, hazed out while the room spins and it turns
How many accidents and deaths occur from marijuana?
None that’s in comparison to alcoholics driving Hondas
Speeding on the freeway killing babies, fathers, and mamas
Then got the audacity to start bashin on marijuana?
Political propaganda, never been the (?) answer
But I feel this is my right like my name was Miranda
So pour some poison straight up to these livers and veins
We condoning herbal medicine like food for the brain
Take a chance, take a stance to find out what it comes to
A different atmosphere you been dying to run to
And this is dedicated to that Babylon nuisance, fear nuttin band and the movement lets do this

Load up mi chalice with the indica from the east coast,
Bless up mi chalice cuz mi ready fi a toast
Quality so good man you know mi can’t lose
Cuz a di good herb mi choose
All the chocolate what I’m smoking, it got me choking
And even while I’m smoking, inna mi herbal bath mi soaking

Singers smoke it and players of instruments too
Lawyer, doctor, even ex-presidents too
Use it fi medicine and dat a true, if we nuh have di sense a wha we woulda do?
So legalize it and don’t critize it, make dem know say dem nuh fi minimize it
Just Give me and I will advertise it, gimme make me light it

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