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Today´s Your Day (Whachagonedu)


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Oh nooo, no uunh nahhh
(fatlip, charlie tuna)
Ah ha ha ha

I paid my dues
Refuse to lose
So fuck the blues
Dang ya bad news
You contribute the juice
While i sip booze
On a seven day cruise
In louis vuitton shoes
With floozies by the dudes

The good life
Talkin' bout the good life
Live it up for a little while
Then go to the hood
To get a good wife
And settle down
But for now
My study endowed
Refuse to allow
Myself to defile
Like when i was sniffin' piles

Still got trials and tribulations
Refinement from cultivation takes patience,
I'm waitin'
Paper chasin' to get a place like peyton
Politickin', interfacin', business relations
Build the empire from the underground, then retire
Who said i was on crack?
You's a mothafuckin' liar!

See me in the trenchcoat, but missed the choke
So fuck the hopes, my mission is this:
Get in position to assist my folks
Get in position to assist my motha, m-my motha, and my auntie, and my uncle, my folks, you know?


Today's your day baby, whachagonedu?

[chali 2na]
I know, what do i know?
Lurkin' five-oh, puffin' dro
Tryin' to dive slow, wicked fly flow

Intimate verses that hit surface with quick service
But never nervous in this big circus
A quick purchase
Of green foliage, and clean bowl hits
Redeems focus when it seems hopeless
Supreme dopeness
On plain paper for you plan rapers
This landscaper's capers abrasive as sandpaper
Don't try to fan papers, you caught this onslaught
Reforms start for those who perform be pure slop
For sure shot our handcuffer
Word muffler heard 'nuff of the bullshit
You nerds suck up out the back gate
Lyrics so pregnant we lactate
Get your facts straight, we stack papes and crack plates
Over wax snakes who pack hate
They lack faith
While tuna and fatlip put you in a relaxed state like

Today's your day baby, whachagonedu?

What i'm gon' do?
You know, get me a six
And fresh kicks, pickin up chicks
When i'm up in the mix
Can't predict my art shit, it hit the top of the charts
But my heart's in the right place
Nice headspace
Slow paced from the buddha, but not the bass
Not a moment to waste,
Thirty three
No degree or g.e.d.
My mind's free, i learn without bein' taught
I see how the baddest fall
And cypress hear the highest thought
I woke up,
Opened my eyes up, wised up
To the game, time to change my name
Eddie crap
Comin' with different shit, eddie crap
Write it down niggas, hear the reverse significance?

It's to rip it when i'm on top of my game
Specifically speaking, the way i be freakin' my slang
Give me the mumu, the poopoo, and the mic and i'm creased
Fat lip, squeaky clean, don't stop, don't cease

Today's your day baby, whachagonedu?

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