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Father's Face

...or a Lonely Soul?

Father's Face

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God you know how much I fight
Experiences, thousand times
Pieces chosen one by one
(In a blinded way, I was marching on)

All those pictures in gray
I didn't see it so clear
Oh, my dreams, If I could trust
I'd know, They were no liars

(An act with reaction unknown)
(Damned, I'm losing control)

Forgive me father, yes, I was wrong
Why could I want to be so strong?
A beast free around the world
A modern evil looking for blood

(A walker with nothing inside)
(I really lost my mind)

([Go! Go!)
(Let me see what's behind)

(And) we will be slaughtered
Tomorrow another crime
In my hands, my hands are guilty
Already learned I've no more rime

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