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Fatal Embrace

Under Dark Red Sunburst

Fatal Embrace

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The crying wind embracing the silence
an autumn night-nothing in sight
but I know they are there
somewhere among the forever
I´m dreaming
screaming, as I see faces of silver
They´re taking me into forever ride
leaving my life for the other side
they´re taking my hands-floating through night
a darkcoloured season-nothing in sight!
disappearing in the starfalls-flaming darkness
invisible dwelling-drowning in dimensions
under dark red sunburst we slowly disappear
alone among silver raptures-can´t deny my fear
In the swarming depths of blackness
I leave it all behind
for a journey into nothingness
somewhere among the forever
in a darkcoloured season
through empty times we float
lost in a black nowhere
Underground open- a black fathom gate to all blooming depths- land under
travelling in blazing tranquillity
through domains of everlasting night
I´m dreaming
sreaming, among faces of silver
Soul´s changing into another shape in a aeon of nocturnal embers
a reincarnation- a reflection in the water
glare and starfull
screaming as I see my face of silver follow a path with one direction
slowly disappearing into the forever
devoured by the night´s dissemblers
under the dark red sunburst

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