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Fatal Embrace

As Heaven Stood Seasonless and Dead

Fatal Embrace

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A soared heaven´s portals were open
thousand glowing gazes met thy gaze
as the haze of serenity trembled within
godless breaths were frozen to lacerate thy skin
the sanctity was rended by sin
the vasting radiance embraced the faceless creed
as the sky was desolated and left to bleed
A bygoned divinity laid seasonless dead and withered
the sheltering towers-fogbounded and shivered
a thousand souls departure to a perished sky
a heaven tho could not fortify
all bitterness and guilt
in a wreathed icon´s plaugespread heart
will always ache in thy weeping soulscar
Staggering christ a vapid saviour
once crucified and yearning for detest
the loss of life - another sacrament
A heaven thou could not purify
ashes to the ground-sombre tears were shed
immemorial darkness razed and fed
as heaven stood seasonless and dead
I accompany cherubs that wields their leers unto me
they grasp my hand so easily
together we stand alight
on the black burning sky
Joined by diabolical jesters and moaning maidens
I flee through this grandeur eden
Come liars, come feys, this tranquil beauty is to fall
come travel by my side
we speed out in venomous ride
the vained sinner turn for the fire
a clairvoyant spoke for the rapture of time
...and space
A sorrowed man cries with eyes bursting of defeat
fallen angels rose to behold an impaled saint´s retreat
as an empire of mercy cease
a heaven thou could not sanctify
the filthy sloth was thy anathema
the sheltering temples has been misgiven
thy deception won´t be forgiven

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