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Farewell Dreamer

Open Your Eyes

Farewell Dreamer

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I saw you staring at the mirror
Pondering your reflection
Questioning if it's too late to turn back
You've come too far this time to give up and give in

Breathe me in for the last time
Find your way on the outside
And let me fall away from you
Just for a little while
So you can see me smile (x2)

You can't contain yourself
When you finally find a question that's worth answering
But what you gain from this
Is a satisfaction that is surely guaranteed

Come to your senses
Become more receptive
Of the chances you're given
Just open your eyes

The stars aline in the sky as we stare into the night
Wondering, wondering
(What we should have)
What we should have known (x2)
That this night would end (x2)

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