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Fare Vanity

Early In The Morning

Fare Vanity

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Evening is the time of day
I find nothing much to see
Don't know what to do, but I come to
When it's early in the morning
Over by the window day is dawning
When I feel the air
I feel that life is very good to me, you know
In the sun, there is so much yellow
something in the early morning meadow
Tells me that today you're on your way
And you'll be coming home, home to me
Night time isn't clear to me
I find nothing near to me
Don't know what to do but I come to
When it's early in the morning
Very, very early without warning I came
Feel a newly born vibration
Sneaking up on me again
There's a song bird on my pillow
I can see the fun in weeping willow
I can see the sun
You're on your way and you'll be coming
Home, home with me

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