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Far Too Jones

Skin Suit

Far Too Jones

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Shame and her sister
Wrap four legs around me
In ribbons and bows
I make the most peculiar package

What if I was the one
Who got carried away
What if everything was my fault

Well... the spirit is still willing
Where the flesh remains weak
Like a fool I've been laughing
Where the wise man won't speak
And I crossed every line
That my conscience could find
Now I can't seem to sleep with myself

No... Under my skin
Under my skin

I am sorry about the times I got scared
And I buried us here
Under my skin

Please wait
Wait a minute
Don't let this happen to me
I'm just not ready
I'm not quite ready
Please don't leave me here

My complacency kills every time
Under my skin
Complacency kills everything
Under my skin
Please don't leave me in here alone

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