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Far Too Jones

Nervous (Why Am I Shaking)

Far Too Jones

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It loves to keep you on your knees
Begging baby, baby please
I reek of the scent of a sinner
I breathe the ache to be in you again
And it's just not enough

There's a kliller in the court tonight
But, I'll keep it to myself now
If I ain't proud
I'll never be ashamed
Here I am Here I am
Still taunted by the taste of salted skin
But, it's just not enough

And if we're so safe, why am I shaking?
And if we're all right, why am I shaking
I could be more than I was
If you're bored, then take what you will
Why am I shaking... this time...
Here we are
I can not do this again
I will not do this again
What have I done?
I'm shaking this time
Why am I shaking
I'm shaking this time
Why am I shaking

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