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Far From Finished

Just Us Kids (November)

Far From Finished

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Bringing flowers to the graveyard 'aint no fun
When you're there to see the one's ya love
Another friend is there then gone
All the friends we try to save
We watch the grass grow around their graves
Whatever happened to all our better days

Another casket rolls down the isle
Another fathers in denial
While we smoke butts and talk about the times when we were normal
Shuffle through the photographs the empty Pabst
The shit that was all left behind in the back of our minds

Can Billy come out and play
I'm sorry but he's gone away
He won't be coming 'round here anymore
This sucks I'm all alone
My friend's box of fuckin' bones
Just us kids who watched him fade away
And now were' sayin'…

What ever happened to all of our better days
When we thought life was just beginning to go our way
What ever happened to all of our better days
When we never had to turn and run away
And now we're saying…

And when your sister cried her eyes out at the alter
I couldn't help but wonder if you were looking down upon her
And we all wished that we had never woke up today
It's just us kids standing together
Pretending you can hear us when we say

Miss Deborah Miller…

Our babies are dying
And mothers are crying
And their blood flows like a river

She said goodbye to her son
Who didn't make it past twenty-one
Why did he have to carry the gun

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