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Fame Musical

Fame Musical

Fame Musical tem o estilo Indefinido e suas músicas de sucesso são: "Pray I Make P.A.", "There She Goes!/Fame", "I Still Believe In Me".

191 acessos

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  1. Black & Gold
  2. Bring On Tomorrow (Reprise)
  3. Can't Keep It Down
  4. Dancing On The Sidewalk
  5. Fame
  6. Hard Work
  7. Hold Your Dream
  8. I Sing The Body Electric
  9. I Still Believe In Me
  10. I Want To Make Magic
  11. I'm Gonna Live Forever
  12. I\'m Gonna Live Forever
  13. In L.A.
  14. Is It Ok If I Call You Mine?
  15. Lets Play A Love Scene
  16. Mabels Prayer
  17. Ordinary People
  18. Out Here On My Own
  19. Pray I Make P.A.
  20. Remember My Name
  21. Suddenly Semour
  22. Sudenly Semour
  23. The Teacher's Argument
  24. There She Goes!/Fame
  25. These Are My Children
  26. Think Of Meryl Streep
  27. This Is My Life
  28. Try
  29. Tyrone's Rap
  30. What A Feelin'
  31. What A Feelin\'

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