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Another One


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Why should I stand this, you're big waste of time
How can't you know it, you're so unlike
There is no reason, no time or a cause
Just poor excuses for why you fall

I've seen the way you look in me
Felt insane when you breath me
But I don't play no more
I'm not the same
Anymore like before

All the things that I want to
These are things that I need to
Do myself - Is it wrong
No I don't really feel like
Being you who is just like
Another you - Another One

Don't turn your back on me, look in my eyes
I know you can't 'cos you're turning blind
Losing the daylight, the sun and the soul
I know you hate me 'cos you're not whole

I've seen the way…


Passing through days, all the mirrors and ways
All the sickness and life combined on your side
Now you're mistakes are done
And my patience is numb
You can waste your own life
Don't waste my fucking time

I've seen the way


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