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Eddie Murphy

Girlfriend's Got A Wiener

Eddie Murphy

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Drivin' all night
In my Toyota
Lenn Cruizer
I saw
Some tail for sail
And figured
I could use her
Pulled up
To the corner
She was fine
But kind of gurgley
She hopped right it
And gave a grin
And said
Hey your Eddie Murphy

I thought
She was a smoker
Or had
A throut infection
But when she lifted up
her dress
She spotted an erection
A hairy chest
With big fake breasts

You really should
Have seen her
The bitch was fine
But she was a guy
The girlfriend
Had a wiener
(Ohhh noo)
(And it was
a big one too)
(Uh huh)
(Oh yeah)
She said
Don't worry Eddie
Your money
Is well spent
Just drive
A couple miles
While I help you
Pitch a tent
I said
I'm funny
Ha, Ha

But I ain't
Funny queer
That's when I saw
A flashing light
In my review mirror
Thinkin' fast
I told the cop
I'm just here
For her salvation
To lecture her
About the evils
Of solicitation
So he let me go
But he bought the hoe
With a misameiner
The bitch was fine
But she was a guy
The girlfriend
Had a weiner
(Right there
in front of me)
(I'm talking ball
park frank)
(And it was
already cooked)

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