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Eddie Cochran

The Pied Piper

Eddie Cochran

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Hey the people are worried in every town
Why their main street mama's hangin' around
They followed me back to Tennessee
They picked up on my rock 'n' roll beat, yeah

Hey the pied-pied piper sings his song
Now all of you chicks better move along
Get some life, oh baby, in your bones
Tennessee, well I'm a-bringin' 'em home

Hey we know that the old folks hang too low
To get out here and do the rock 'n' roll
They're just a little stubborn, settin' their way
But they're a-gonna dig this beat some day

Hey the pied-pied piper's ramblin' 'round
Cleanin' them chicks out of every town
And man them chicks are diggin' that sound
Pickin' 'em up, lawdy, puttin' 'em down

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