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Ed Rashed

Ed Rashed

Ed Rashed tem o estilo Indefinido e suas músicas de sucesso são: "Love in Action", "Do Me In Again", "Doctor Yazoo".

227 acessos

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  1. A Taste Of Your Love
  2. Blue Lightning
  3. Blues For Everyone
  4. Bone Cold Night
  5. Can't Get To You
  6. Dealer's Choice
  7. Do Me In Again
  8. Doctor Yazoo
  9. Dreaming Out Loud
  10. Feeling Red White And Blue
  11. Few That Know Me Well
  12. Getting Nothing But Old
  13. Golden Day
  14. Good Time Tonight
  15. Helping Hand
  16. It's The Little Things That Scare Me
  17. Love in Action
  18. Love Is What You Need
  19. Loves Me, Loves Me Not
  20. mmmBuh-Bye
  21. Nice Girl
  22. No Matter What
  23. She Walks In Three-Four Time
  24. Song Of Love
  25. Sticky Boiled Beans
  26. Sushi Sue
  27. Syncopated City
  28. The Rules Have Changed
  29. This Is What They Call Love?
  30. Ukulele Ragtime Blues
  31. What It Is
  32. Wrong Side Of The Door

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