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These are the days for the waves now that summer is gone
September fades with us holding what's left of the sun
Slow crashing tides echo soft lullabies makes me think of you
Washing away all my pain with this wave I break through

This is just a way, this is just a way that it's gonna be
I see that we are never gonna get it back
And it's a fact that sometimes act like I'm fool
Though it's true it's temporary like that
Don't you say this just a way that it has to end
It's been worth every single moment
Remembering all the little things isn't so bad cos I have to go on

Walking around to the down loaded sounds of my tunes
Your out and about on the town where everything's new
Now that your free I can see your complete and so beautiful
You don't need me or anybody anymore

Chorus Repeat

Feel it in the waves

This ocean wave it rolls away
It numbs the pain within my brain
The sun goes down that's when I'm found
I feel so far, so far away

Chorus Repeat Twice

It's in the waves

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