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East West

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Here we go boom, boom, boom, again
I'm caught in my mind, somebody's
Telling me i'm already dead, dead to
My flesh or dead to the spirit, if i
Were alive then you'd think that
I'd hear it g. it's in his trickery, the lie
That he spreads full term in my head
Bringing me down, making me boy
To this place that i dread.
Cause everytime i look in the mirror,
I see the reflection of the one that
I fear, turn my back on the love of my
Life, here i stand now, just me and
My pride.
Somebody getting thru 2 u better
Be thinking twice, boy
I try to breathe, caught down ripped
Asunder feeling the weight that i've
Brought from this underworld, place
Grown cold, tear my flesh, bring obedience

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