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Burning a Sinner

Earthen Grave

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A cart rolled through the town
And people all around
Gathered for the burning of the witch
They grit their teeth in anger
They raise their arms in fear
The burning stake was ready for that bitch
Singing burn her
Burn her
Burn her to the ground
Singing burn her sins
Burn her pride
Burn her till she dies
They tie her to the stake
People shout abuse
They want to hear the sizzling of her flesh
She looks at them and curses
Each one of them in town
The execution flame put to the ground
Singing burns her . . .
You cannot see her body
Smoke is all around
All you hear is the sizzling of her flesh
Fire burns so quickly
Smoke begins to clear
Preacher man stood up, announced her dead
Singing burn her . . . x2

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