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Earth (Australia)

Born to Die

Earth (Australia)

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Cursed fighting to be free
Born into bondage, killing
to me me
People dying,
bodies slaughtered
Murders everyday

Killing souls dam'd
for eternity
Drink from the eternal cup
of damnation
Your going to die for
our creation
We're all doomed to die
for our creation
Born to die in a life of hell
A black hole for
our salvation
Burning souls, drench
they sky

Empty bodies,
endless termination

Dying day has eaten
our minds
Been in control from
the start
In power over the weak
I've lost all control

As I die I come alive
returning their curse
A curse upon our world
Infested bodies left to rot

Dying day has eaten
Our minds self inflicted
In power over the weak
They have no control
Your god has shown
you nothing
We've raped our world

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