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Earth (Australia)


Earth (Australia)

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Humanity running around
with their heads up
their arse.
Intoxicating the future and
forgetting the past.

In the fields of fury
Their killing with
great mass
A cancerous race trying to
stay alive
The killing forever last

The jungle law, now
no more
Extinction now in place
Your life preserved
on cages
Eradication of the
Human Race

The rape of the natural world
Progression of mankind
The animal kingdom pays
the fee
No choice to live or die

Just the sight of seeing

Our instinct is to fight
Without all the
people around
Natures balance would
probably thrive

Everything on the earth
Man says 'that's mind
to own'
To kill and maim for power
Until there's
nothing known

Until mankind is all
alone, Alone

Taking innocent lives
Pointless, cease to life
Killing for possession
Our souls are cursed
to die

We've played a game
from the dawn
From the dawn
of mankind
Life taken from
weaker beings
Who just want to
stay alive

Earth shall soon
be cleansed
And taken of it's life

Man's killed everything
that they can find
A living cancer is known
and it's
the Human Race
And the killing should be
turned to the
ones who take
They've tried to point
the finger
Blame for the fall
Turning face to face,
blame in all
An eye for an eye
A tooth for a tooth
Bringing our downfall

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