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Earth And Fire


Earth And Fire

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Why did you leave on the spur
Of the moment
Without so much as a word of goodbye
Deep down i've known all along
That you never intended to stay
Being too restless at heart
When autumn came you went away

I wish i could say that i don't
Really need you
That we were like ships
That passed in the night
Have i taken attraction for love
In my eagerness to have you near
Say you just need some time to yourself
When summer comes, i'll be waiting here

Gemini, i gave you my heart
Did what you want me to
I could have told you right from the start
There's no getting over you

Oh gemini, don't leave me no more
No matter what i do
You know i want you like never before
No there's no getting over you

I'd like to believe it's a match
Made in heaven
If i ask you no questions you
Tell me no lies
By now i got used to the fact
That you're constantly changing
Your ways
And the thought of you coming back
Helps me through these cold

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