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Domain tem o estilo Heavy Metal e suas músicas de sucesso são: "Don't Pay The Ferryman [Chris De Burgh cover]", "Left Alone", "Help Me Through The Storm".

160 acessos

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  1. A New Beginning
  2. All In The Name Of Fire
  3. Almost Eden
  4. Blackhole Visions
  5. Charade
  6. Chrystal Stone Island (Warpath Pt. II)
  7. Day Tripper
  8. Don't Count On Love
  9. Don't Pay The Ferryman [Chris De Burgh cover]
  10. Downtown Babylon
  11. Endless Rain
  12. Experience XTC
  13. Harbour Of Hope
  14. Headfirst Into Disaster
  15. Heart On The Line
  16. Help Me Through The Storm
  17. I Ain't No Hero
  18. Last Days Of Utopia
  19. Left Alone
  20. Mystery Stone
  21. Ocean Paradise
  22. On Stormy Seas
  23. Seasons (The Circles Around The Moon)
  24. Shadowhall
  25. Spirit Of The Sun
  26. Stardawn
  27. Strangers From The Heart
  28. Temple Of The Earth
  29. The Beauty Of Love
  30. The Great Rebellion

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