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Another Date

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It's now been a week since we went on our first date.
A night filled with promises of what I can get
if I play my cards right.

You walked me home from dinner
but you're clearly not a sinner,
cause instead of getting dessert
I ended the day watching Planet Earth..

Now I have an confession,
you made an impression
But if I now will call you,
you might think I stalk you.

But in my years of dating,
I'm not used to waiting.
Wait for you to tell me
what a great girlfriend I'd be.

So I sit home and wonder
what should be my next move?
If you don't soon will call me
I will give up and jump off the roof!

Cause the moment I first saw you,
when I was feeling so blue,
I knew that you were different
and we for each other were totally meant.

I dated a guy from New York,
but he was a real dork.
And a man took me to Paris,
but he was still married.
And I met a boy in London,
but he was a con man.

I never could imagine that you were so close.
Like heaven me are waiting comparing to all those.
A man with experience comparing to all boys.

Like a blooming girl in need,
I'm going thru a tough phase.
I've always got what I want,
but now it's you who sit with the ace!

I'm just so very gloomy,
why don't you just call me?
I promise you won't regret it,
you know I'm THE girl, so just admit it!

I will even let you seduce me, or use me - I don't care.
Just ask me for another date.

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