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Crying out what I can't write down
Searching for ways New ways More ways
Other ways to lose these feelings

To lose is to lose

Writing down what I can't cry out
Can I lose you Am I losing Am I losing you

My mind refuses to think
Still I can't forget

I gave everything possible
I thought I gave

Empty hands
Bowed head
Full of lessons learned

Tired of giving
Asking myself if I ever take again

Black clouds blocking my sun
Rain is only searching for me

Rain is all I feel
Heavenly tears cool down my face
Tears from heaven wash away
Wash away my tears

No drop falls twice
So I won't
Next time falling will feel different
Release me

The easy way
Wasn't meant for me
Still there is more
There is so much more

I can't remember that you ones loved me
But sometimes I recognise your face

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